Weekly Wentz Watch

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Remember last year when President Obama talked about getting on the “Wentz Wagon.” Bismarck’s Carson Wentz was being singled out for his success by the “then” highest profile person, probably in the world.

Carson Wentz and LeBron James

The highest profile person in the sports world right now could be LeBron James. This week when the Cavaliers played in Philadelphia, James was asked about the former Century High School and North Dakota State University standout who has led the Eagles to the best record in the NFL right now.

"My favorite player right now is Carson Wentz. I told my brother that early in the season; that I just love the way he plays the game, the way he's able to get the progressions throughout the course of a 3-step drop or 5-step drop. And then, when everything breaks down, his ability to run and get outside the pocket to either make passes or get yards with his feet. He's a very smart player from the outside looking in obviously, and they got a really good team," said LeBron James

So, how do you respond to a compliment from LeBron James? Wentz got his chance during his weekly meeting with the Philadelphia media.

"It's pretty cool! I have a ton of respect for a guy like LeBron. I was a kid watching him tear up the league when he was a rookie, and I love watching that guy play. He's unbelievable and quite the talent, one of the most impressive athletes in the world. And so, it's pretty humbling to hear that stuff," said Wentz.

KFYR-TV is the place to watch Wentz and the Eagles this weekend. Wentz and his crew head to Seattle to play the Seahawks on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Philadelphia is 10-1 while Seattle is 7-4.