Weekly Wentz Watch

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The Eagles have the best record in the NFL and Carson Wentz has the most touchdown passes in the NFL Philadelphia goes for its 10th win on Sunday against Chicago.

Carson was asked why he thinks he has been playing so well so soon in his professional career. He was still with the Bison in January of 2016. Wentz said it is because he has continued to improve mentally.

"Kind of every game last year I thought it did throughout the off-season that was the biggest jump within the offense. Just having command and knowing the ins and outs, getting more freedom at the line of scrimmage as well different things like that, so I think that's been the biggest thing for me really every game. I thought I just mentally came along. Now physically things were maybe not always there, but mentally I thought every game,every opportunity, every rep was really helpful for me," said Wentz, Eagles Quarterback.

That was one of the biggest reasons the Eagles moved up in the draft to take the former Century standout. Wentz impressed Doug Pederson and the staff in his pre-draft meetings. Again, it was more mental than physical.

"We'd install 4 or 5 plays out of our offense and then basically erase the board and we'd start talking and put video on and start talking about his offense and go about another 30 minutes and then co Carson get on the board and tell me those 5 plays again, so you can test a recall and you can test memory and get a good feel for how a guy retains the information that way," said Doug Pederson, Eagles Head Coach.

"It seems like forever ago now. I know they did that a lot. It was kind of a big thing within the draft process was seeing your recall, seeing your football IQ and everything. I don't remember a ton about it other than I thought all of those went pretty well and I thought I fared pretty well in those," said Wentz.

Carson's game on Sunday is in Philly with a 12 p.m. central time start.

Quotes courtesy: philadelphiaeagles.com