Vardon staff takes precautions for golf season

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MINOT, N.D. - Vardon Golf Club plans to return with a twist to make sure players enjoy their time on the course while social distancing.

Golfers can expect to tee off at Vardon Golf Club in 10-12 days.

"Once that kicks off, we'll be sanitizing the carts. We may do a deal where if you and I were on the cart. Maybe we would take turns; one would walk and one would drive," said club pro Todd Lee.

Course and restaurant staff are taking precautions to reduce any spread of the coronavirus.

"They sanitize everything before we got open. We're following all the COVID-19 practices on the course as well. It's a new version of Vardon this year. All the menus have been redone. It's a very fresh take menu. We want people to give us a try," said consulting general manager Ray Cook.

They say they're hoping to pave the way for a fully operational season.

"I think people are looking for outlet right now, and I think golf is that perfect outlet," Cook said.

"Everybody needs to do something, and I think everybody's getting really excited to get back on the courses," Lee said.

The club is continuing to watch for any updated operating guidelines, and hasn't canceled any events yet.