Vanessa Herrmann getting ready for 2021 Olympic Games

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected life as we know it. For current Arkansas swimmer Vanessa Herrmann, it has affected a big part of her life.

"I am impacted because I can't get in the pool right now. Every pool around me is closed. Our one on campus is closed and I am not even sure when that one is going to open up, and I was told we aren't even sure when the NCAA is going to let us start training again. So I just have to go with the flow," said Herrmann, former Century swimmer.

With the pools closed, Herrmann has had to find a couple of different ways to stay in shape.

"Lots of running, which is a little hard on my joints because I am not use to it so I have to be careful. I am doing hit training, Zumba, I tried a kickboxing class online the other day and that was pretty fun so I am really going outside the box on this one," said Herrmann.

And with all of this unique training, Herrmann, who was set to compete in this year's Olympic Trails in the 100 meter breast stroke, is happy she's getting another year to get ready.

"I am glad that they postponed and not canceled one because it would've been tough to scramble to get ready in this tiny window. And I am glad that USA Swimming decided to write to the Olympic Committee and ask them to postpone the Olympics as a whole because that is a lot of work that athletes have put into it and see that wash away would be kind of saddening," said Herrmann.

The now 2021 United State Olympic Swimming Trials will be held June 13-20 in Omaha, Neb.