Unique Links: Linton County Club

Published: Jun. 29, 2020 at 6:52 PM CDT
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Just off Highway 13 you'll find the Linton County Club.

"The course was planned back in the 60's and founded by a good group of guys who had a plan as you can see as we go around the course. There are pine trees all around making tight alleys which have been a staple of the course and the community and enjoyed by the community ever since." Said Linton County Club Groundskeeper Pat Gerving.

At the Linton Country Club the signature hole is hole number three, and it is the longest hole here in North Dakota, and it is 581 yards to the middle of the green from the tips of the golf course.

"It is a big dog leg to the right and you have to carry that about 260 and you've than got a tough second shot into an elevated green with both sides covered with pine trees. and it is quite the challenge for everyone," said Gerving.

Having worked out at the course for fourteen years Pat Gervig has seen many first time players at the Linton Country Clubs reaction to hole number 3.

" You have got to be kidding me this is what we are doing? They are surprised but there are guys that are up for the challenge and want to get across in two and it is not as easy as it looks," said Gerving.

Adding to the length of the course is another hard Par 5 at number 8.

"It is probably like 565 its long and straight you have to tee off on top of a hill and everything feeds off to the right side. It is a narrow fairway with pine trees surrounding it. It does have a big green but it is just long," said Gerving.

Having tough holes to challenge even a skill pro Linton Country Club evens out with their par 4's and Par 3's.

"Ya the par 4's are short our longest par 4 is 330 yards but most of the guys can drive the other par 4's. For par 3's we have one that is really tough but most of the other ones are straight forward. So that par 4's and the par 3's balance the course out a little bit and makes it player friendly," said Gerving.

So, when teeing it up at the Linton County Club you won't be surprised when the longest holes maybe your toughest challenge.