Underwood man spends Father’s Day weekend marshaling U.S. Open with dad

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There's something special about spending Father's Day with your dad. It's a little harder for Underwood's Jeff Higbie because his father lives in California. But this year, they spent the day together working one of the most famous golf tournaments in the world.

Picture Courtesy: Jeff Higbie

Higbie gets out on the course anytime he can. While there’s one not far from work for him in Underwood, sometimes responsivities get in the way. But it's a sport he grew up with. His dad, Ben, spent weekends playing with friends and eventually moved to an area in central California near the Pebble Beach Golf Course and started marshaling.

“Because of his experience he had the opportunity to become what's called a hole marshal so he was kind of the guy in charge,” Higbie said.

This year, Jeff applied and was accepted as a marshal for the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Both he and his dad were put on hole one to assist the golfers and fans.

“We got to just kind of interact with one another and just kind of share some experiences and take some pictures there and just create some memories and I know that he really expressed that he really enjoyed it and it was kind of one of the best Father's Day presents that he's ever received,” Higbie said.

Jeff says he got to interact with some of the top players in the world like Dustin Johnson.

“He hit his drive in the rough and so I was able to kind of go over and mark it so he and his caddie could find it easily and then he could hand me the marker back,” Higbie said.

And Phil Mickelson.

“Interact with his caddie a little bit about where I should stand since he's a left handed and everything as to not distract him,” Higbie said.

But it was spending time with his dad over Father's Day weekend,

“To be able to have that experience with him is something that we'll both remember the rest of our lives.”

That's the part he'll never forget.

Higbie says he's not sure if he'll marshal again, but it was a great experience to strike off his bucket list.

****Picture is credit to Jeff Higbie