USA Patriots in town for McQuade weekend

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One of the biggest weekends of the summer in Bismarck Mandan is ahead. The 44th annual McQuade softball tournament is underway, with the first game wrapping up in the last half hour.

Thursday afternoon, the USA Patriots team spent time on the field with kids from the area in a play ball event, trying to get the kids excited about the sport. Then they took to the diamond to take on local all stars.

The USA Patriots team are competing this year in their sixth McQuade tournament.

“This tournament is awesome and we look forward to it every year it's one of the staples of our schedule,” team member Josh Wege said.

Players say the community is so supportive each year they come,

“We're still in post recovery we're always trying to get better and attain better than we were yesterday so to come out and have the community come up to us and say hey you really motivate me by watching you play and make that play it was just fantastic,” team member Greg Reynolds said.

And they don’t take their spot in the tournament for granted.

“North Dakota and Bismarck Mandan have always made us feel welcome and this is like a new home for us,” Wege said.

Hoping to share with the kids, and the community, nothing is impossible

“The only limitations you have are the ones you make and I hope the kids and everyone in the audience tonight gets our message,” Reynolds said.

“My injury is a blessing it maybe sounds weird for me to say that to you but honestly what I get to do with my life is just live it the way I should and people can take a lot of good from it,” Wege said.

The rest of the games get kicked off Friday evening at fields across Bismarck and Mandan.