Ty Breuer: Four Time N.F.R. Qualifier

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It's the biggest rodeo in the world and Mandan's Ty Breuer will be competing in it for the fourth time.

The National Finals begin on Thursday in Las Vagas.

It's a rodeo a day for ten straight days with the most money won at the end of it crowned the World Champion.

The top-15 in the regular season qualify and Breuer enters the N.F.R. in 12th place with $91,558 in earnings.

Ty locked in a spot earlier than last season so the pressure was not as intense.

"That last month was a lot easier on me than the year before. I had a good last couple weeks there. Pendelton was kind of the big one," said Breuer. "I ended up second in the average there an that kind of sealed the deal so the last two weeks I got to take it pretty nice and easy, there wasn't so much pressure on me, I guess."

Breuer says it's difficult to explain what it's like riding in the NFR but he says the intensity starts as soon as you walk into the Thomas & Mack Arena.

"The atmosphere when you walk down that arena every night, they put your horse and the separate the horse's and they stand in their own pen and the bareback is the first event so every horse will be standing there in the buck order that they'll be bucked so you get to walk right by your opponent that night you know and they're usually standing there looking at you so that'll get you going that's for sure," said Breuer.

There will be $1,100,000 paid out per event at the N.F.R.

Six places get paid each day with $26,230 going to the round winner, plus there's another $67,269 going to the average winner so there's a lot on the line for guys like Ty in Las Vegas.