Trinity Titans Football

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Trinity Titans are one of the many teams preparing for what they hope is still a long run in the football post-season.

After playing some of the best Class-A teams, like Bowman County, the Titans feel like it made them realize they have to improve their game when playing some of the best in the state.

"We had high hopes for this season, and I think we still do, we can still hopefully do some things going forward here, but that was a wake-up call for them that, we've got to play four quarters of football if we want to beat the best teams in the state,” said Head Coach John Odermann. “And I think Bowman is one of those top five teams in the state for sure. We played right with them for four quarters, but we made some mistakes in that game that came back to bite us. And we've continued to make mistakes here and there, but we have to show up and make sure we're not making them in those big games."

Just like every team, the Titans have made improvements as the season has gone on, and at this point, they’re about where they want to be.

Senior running back, Kaden Kuntz says, "well we had a slow start right away, we were kind of getting into the swing of things, we had a lot of young guys starting for us this year, but now we're getting into the groove of things which is good by the end of the year. We're starting to really increase our intensity as we go on, so we've just got to carry that on into the next game and hopefully into playoffs."

You can hear more from Kaden and the Titans tomorrow when Kaleigh puts him in this week’s Sports Spotlight.