Trinity Boys Basketball

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The Trinity boys basketball team is riding a four-game win streak as they prepare for a couple of big Region 7 games tonight, against Bowman County.

Head Coach Gregg Grinsteinner believes that the Titans’ attention to detail on defense, has helped lead to their success. “Well, I'd have to say our defensive side of the ball I mean you know we come out after the Christmas break we went up to Minot and you know Thompson and Four Winds stuck it to us and we just decided we have to stop teams from scoring the ball and I think we've done a pretty good job we've had three or four games in a row where we had the other teams’ best scorers gotten a bunch but nobody else has really scored and I think that's a credit to the team defense that we are trying to get our kids to buy into."

As for the players, well, they agree with Coach Grinsteinner. They say that the offensive side of the ball is where they need the most improvement.

Senior Aric Knopik says, “Just make the simple plays right away I mean we're trying to be too fancy we're a little fanatic we're a little crazy at the beginning and so basically we need to calm down and like I said make the easy plays."

“We get into too big of a rush and we just kind of come down and throw the ball off the wall sometimes and coach always tells us to slow down and relax but it usually takes until halftime until we really kind of get the feel of the game," adds junior Matthew Stafford.

You can hear more from Aric Knopik tomorrow as he goes in this week’s Sports Spotlight.