Tough West Region for Sabers, Patriots

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Legacy Sabers boys basketball team has a 5-6 record so far this season, but it didn’t start out that way. They’ve been able to improve as the weeks go by, and the Sabers head coach Jason Horner knows the schedule will only get tougher with 9 out of their next 10 games being WDA opponents to finish off the regular season.

"You know the thing about the WDA is you don't have a weak coach in the league and you don't even the teams that are probably you would consider at the bottom of the league are still tough you know you go up to Belcourt and they have one win on the year and you play a 3 point game with them and then you know you watch Williston win games and Dickinson win games and then you got Century and Minot and Bismarck and Mandan waiting for you, too. You have to be at your best every night and so you have to be at your best for four straight months," said Horner.

It’s a long basketball season for a team loaded with seniors, but their West Region experience is essential to the Sabers success.

Senior guard Braxton Erhardt said: "Jason is a big offensive player we have a lot of key players that just keep the energy. TMO, Taylor Morrison does. Jack Markle keeps the energy positive you just got those hustle players that keep us make us work in practice there's a lot of talented players really it comes down to whose going to put in the work the preparation the week and just whose ready to play that night."

The Sabers will be on the court on Thursday up in the Magic City to face the Magi.

When it comes to the Century Patriots, they’re also having a good season, as they’ve only had two losses. But, when you play in the WDA, those two losses will land you third in the standings.

Patriots Head Coach Darin Mattern sees the conference as the toughest that the league has seen in years.

"I think year in and year out there's a lot of great rivalries and in our league all teams are usually pretty good defensively a little slower style in our league kind of a drag them down knock them down type of league and you know teams prepare well I think teams are well coached so they take away a lot of your tendencies and you know It’s going to be interesting second time around the league," said Mattern.

Centruy senior Josh Sipes knows that you can never be too comfortable with a lead when playing a WDA opponent.

"Dealing with adversity and dealing with prosperity I mean when were down we can’t just count ourselves out of the game and when we're up we have to learn how to push that seven, eight point lead to a 15-point lead and keep it going you know we can’t just be content and settle where were at with the score we can’t let teams hang around and we got to be able to push the score," said Sipes.

The Patriots will be on the road this week to play Jamestown.