Tips to avoid heat exhaustion while working out

Published: Aug. 23, 2017 at 5:36 PM CDT
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Football season is here and experts say to be on the lookout for heat exhaustion. This not only affects high school athletes, it can affect anyone who's working out in the heat.

With the warmer temps on the way, heat exhaustion can be a major issue to all athletes working out under the beating sun.

Football season is here and these athletes who wear extra padding are in for a hot one.

Experts with Sanford Health say keep these cool ideas in mind during practice or while working out outside.

"Really what our athletes need to do is acclimate themselves to the heat, and then again be able to recognize the signs and symptoms," said Alicia Wells, Athletic Trainer.

Educating athletes on how to keep cool during a workout will help prevent heat exhaustion.

"Just making sure that the athletes are aware of kind of their activity, just how active their going to be going into it," said Jordan Davis, Athletic Trainer.

Drinking a lot of fluids will also help.

"We take a lot of breaks when the suns out, and we drink a lot of Powerade or Gatorade," said Mickey, athlete.

"Typically we say about a pound of fluid that's lost, we want to replace that with about twenty ounces of water," said Wells.

Athletic trainers say before a workout you should drink twenty ounces of water and during it you should at least drink 10.

Wearing sunscreen, loose fitting clothing, and hats are other ways you can stay cool.