The story behind Haaland Baseball Field

Published: Jul. 26, 2019 at 6:17 PM CDT
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Thousands of baseball players frequent Haaland Baseball Field in Bismarck.

Many don't know the story behind the name.

The Aaron Haaland Field is named after a 15-year-old boy whose big dream was to become a professional baseball player. His dream got cut short in the fall of 1993 when he died at the scene of a car accident.

"I hope he didn't suffer," said Betty Haaland, Aaron's mother.

A case file filled with recollections of Aaron Haaland's final day.

"Get to the bottom of the hill the fastest," said Betty.

Aaron was a passenger of the car and died from a broken neck and internal bleeding 26 years ago.

"I've had that for 26 years, this particular picture," said Dennis Haaland, Aaron's father.

His final photo taken days before the accident at school wearing gear from his favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers.

"A true fan of Juan Gonzalez," said Betty.

Aaron's true (g)love was baseball and wanting to become a professional player.

"Every time I watch a baseball game, I think of him," said Betty.

The Haaland Baseball Field was named in memory of him in 2002.

"Terribly, terribly proud to have any of this happen. I never dreamt that we'd get a ballpark," said Dennis.

A memorial that's a hit out of the ball park for a fan of the game.

"If Aaron was somehow here today and could see what this was about he'd be totally beside himself," said Betty.

His parents believe this field is no strike out; they're happy to know the pitched idea by friends became a reality.

Aaron's parents now live in Colorado, but they still like to come to the Haaland Field every time they're in Bismarck because they like to see the hundreds of baseball players and fans that come to the field to enjoy the same game their son did.

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