Strong Blue Hawks team

BISMARCK, N.D. - Every year before college football season begins, we see pre-season polls, and might look back to see what players and coaches did during the off-season.

Well, the Dickinson Blue Hawks are preparing for another year on the field, and for Head Coach Pete Stanton, there’s no use to looking at the past, or even paying attention to what’s said to come.

"You know we can't try to rest on, 'hey one of our players was All-Conference, or somebody thought we were pretty good in a poll.' We haven't done anything, and that's what we really emphasize to our guys is that, each season is a new season, and that's the exciting part about it, and they've all got to go through this, and you know, we got a lot of work to do, but we're looking forward to it," said Stanton.

While DSU had a pretty good 2016 season, they’re only looking ahead, as these players have nothing but confidence going into this season.

"I think in our training regimen, and what they've done in the off-season, we've really pushed it hard. I think our guys are really fit, they're really ready to go, it's as good as it's been with our off-season training, and now it's just a matter of pulling those new teammates in together and getting after it," said Stanton.

While we saw a lot of good things from a lot of good guys last year, we can expect the same from the local players.

"We've got a lot of guys back, and I think we have a lot of guys from the area. You know we have 36 North Dakota guys on our team this year, a lot of them will be key contributors that I think will be a fun team to watch, and you know we got an early start this year, so we know we're going to have to move things pretty well here before our Aug. 24 start, but we're looking forward to the challenge, and looking forward to another season," said Stanton.

Dickinson State opens up their season at home against Rocky Mountain in just two weeks. Kickoff is set for 6:00 MST.