Still Racing at 65

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BISMARCK, N.D. - When most people get to their mid-60’s, they’re either retired, or thinking about retiring soon. Well, Marlyn Seidler is the exact opposite. He’s still racing modified race cars at the age of 65.

While Marlyn didn’t start out racing modifieds, once the trend of racing those cars came up here to the Northern Plains, it caught his interest. "I guess it just worked out because, the modified thing was just starting, really, just starting up in this country. It had been bigger down in the mid-west, and in Iowa, and through that country, you know IMCA country, but up here it was just kind of catching on."

And once Marlyn got into racing the modifides, he couldn’t really stop. Not only has racing been so important to him, but his whole family.

"We were either always working on racing, you know my son grew up, and those were really fun times too because he started racing too when he was 14.” Seidler says, “we got him in a modified for the first time at the age of 14, and I just don't remember when he won his first race, but those were really fun days being able to race with him and everything, so yeah, it's important. It's been big in the family, and it has been important to us."

Today, you can hear more of Marlyn’s story on how he got into racing, as Kaleigh Emery puts him in this week’s Sports Spotlight.