Stewart and Larson enjoying Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa - At major sporting events, you have a decent chance is running into some familiar faces. Whether that’s a Hollywood star, or other famous athletes. Well, LT is still hanging out in Knoxville, Iowa, for the Knoxville Nationals, and he ran into some familiar NASCAR drivers at a fun event earlier Friday.

There are a lot of fun things to do here in Knoxville, IA between the races at the Nationals, and we're at a place called Sideways. In fact, this place is so fun, that NASCAR superstars like Tony Stewart and Kyle Larson are out here racing today.

"I don't like to lose, and I haven't won many races this year, so any chance I can get to win something, I want to win,” said NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. “But that's the thing, I mean, you aren't going to get Kyle Larson and not be competitive in what he does, and that's how these other drivers are too. We all want to win, but watching them, and they're giving each other slide jobs and everything else, they're having a good time."

NASCAR Driver Kyle Larson said: "This is my most favorite week of the year. You know this and the Chili Bowl are probably the two that are a lot of fun. But Knoxville, for some reason to me is, the best. So, you know they have I think 10 days straight of racing within this area, and you know all your friends and stuff you don't get to see all the time are here, so it's just nice, central get together for everybody, so racing is good, the atmosphere is good, and I just enjoy it."

This event here at Slideways is a fundraiser for Tony Stewart's foundation. Now Larson after he gets done racing at Knoxville, will head to drive his cup car in Michigan.

Tony Stewart owns four cup teams, he also happens to own the Outlaws team that Donny Schatz drives.