St. Mary’s Boys Hoops

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Saints boys basketball team opened the season last Saturday against Fargo Shanley. Their second game is tonight against the team the Hoopster picked in the WDA.

St. Mary’s has some rebuilding to do. The Saints return one starter and a pair of reserves from a team that made it to the Super-A last year.

"It's always tough when you lose a number of seniors. We had guys last year that had started for a few years but it's exciting. too, because it's a new group of kids. it's their time so it's their time to take over the reigns here and lead us as a program," said Head Coach Brent DeKok.

Senior Ben Schmidt added: "Our speed. I think we're a quick team. I think we should be able to defend pretty well. We're quick. We don't have a lot of size but I think we're a fast team and we should have a lot of energy."

The Saints will be using some of that energy making the quick transition from the Dakota Bowl, to the hardwood.

"It takes a toll on your body with two seasons right after each other like that so it's just something we have to work through. We got to get in shape for basketball which is a different shape than football so it's just something we have to work on," said Senior Holton Bradley.

Schmidt said, "Football takes a lot more muscle strength and then basketball is a lot of endurance so just switching over to those and trying to get into basketball shape is a pretty tough transition but it's been going alright so far."

The Saints are in Jamestown tonight. The Blue Jays are the pre-season favorite in the conference.