Sports Spotlight: Wyatt Ulrich

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Every team has a face of the franchise.

In it's third season, the Bismarck Larks have theirs in Wyatt Ulrich, who wanted to be back with the Larks for his third summer.

"Its become like a second home for me, I kinda have a second family here. And coming all the way from International Falls, Minn. to Bismarck, N.D., it was kinda a scary process, you know staying with a new family. I definitely made the right choice and have a second family now," said Ulrich, outfielder

The Division III prospect has been tearing up the Northwoods League and bringing something unique to the Larks.

"Quiet confidence, Wyatt just goes out there and does it and everyone is like, man, I mean this is a kid coming from a small Division III private school that nobody has heard of and here he is doing things better than 99% of the kids playing against him. He might not have the same physical ability and the same that these Division I prospects have, he's just a better player, he's special. There's just something special about him and I cant really pinpoint one thing, and he just a great guy, and he played a big part in our championship last season, and hes playing a big part in this push now," said Sean Repay, manager

And in his third season, Ulrich's teammates have a special name for him.

"Mr. Lark, everybody on our team calls him Mr. Lark," said Repay.

And being Mr. Lark leaves Ulrich answering plenty of teammates questions.

"The biggest question I get is what do you do to stay healthy and not kinda drag on during the summer to stay a hundred percent healthy? And just giving them the tips they need," said Ulrich.

It's not only the players who recognize Wyatt as Mr. Lark, it's also the fans who fill these stands who have been recognizing Ulrich on and off the field.

"Its cool how many people around town you know. You go into Walmart and go, 'hey there's Wyatt,' and kids go, 'hey, I have your autograph,' and I have been that kid before and now that I am the grown 22-year-old having kids coming over to ask about me and asking for autographs, its just weird, its just definitely a different feel," said Ulrich.

Ulrich has seen just about everything with the Larks except one thing, a Northwoods League title.

"This is a baseball city and bringing a championship would be amazing," said Ulrich.

With a Northwoods League title, it would truly cement Ulrich as Mr. Lark.