Sports Spotlight: Will Madler

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Demons defense has not allowed more than 20 points in a game this season, and their offense has scored over 40 every time out. When it comes to the guy running the offense, BHS is led by senior quarterback Will Madler.

"He's extremely smart," said Mark Gibson, Bismarck High’s head football coach.

Chase Dockter, senior guard for the Demons added, "Oh, Will's just really the perfect teammate you could ask for."

All eyes are always on the quarterback. Will he throw the ball, pass the ball, get sacked? Or help lead his team to a victory? He's the perfect teammate everyone needs, and it took years of preparing him for this moment.

"Growing up, my dad coached football, and I was just around the game, and I learned to love it. I started when I was in first grade for flag football, I just grew to love the game," Madler said.

"The funny thing is, his dad was a coach with me for a few years at Bismarck High,” Gibson said. “So I remember Will when he was just a little tike, and so he's been around practices and he's always been a Demon fan and his dad being a principal at Century, I mean, we're lucky to have him."

Being around the sport for so long, has paid off in the long run too.

Not only is he book smart, "I really enjoy math and science," Madler said, but football smart.

"He can read a defense as you guys line-up, and he knows where he's throwing before he even snaps the ball. So it's really just something that's really needed. So in tough situations Will throws the ball, he's got a wonderful arm, he can get out of sticky situations if the line collapses, so it's great," said Isaiah Olsen, Bismarck senior running back.

"He's just a good role model for everyone, for all the younger guys, for, I would say, older guys too. He’s just a good person to follow, to be like, and he really represents what Demon football is all about," Dockter added.

"My mom wanted me to do stuff that I really enjoyed, and she pushed me to just keep trying new things, and I found football, and I really enjoy it," Madler said.

While he also spends his time on the basketball court and the baseball diamond, playing college football is something he hopes to see in his future. But it's not something he's worried about right now.

"I'm focused on school right now and helping out my teammates and anything I can do. It's tough, I'm going to miss being a Demon and playing football.” Madler said. “Coming out here to practice every day, but you've got to cherish it and enjoy the memories."

And he's still got a couple of months to let that happen.

Madler and the Demons will hop across the river this Friday to face the Mandan Braves.