Sports Spotlight: Whitney Thomas

BISAMRCK, N.D. - We're in that time of the year where the fall high school sports are over and we're slowly making a transition into winter activities.

The Class-A basketball season gets rolling in December.

Legacy's Whitney Thomas is making the transition from volleyball to basketball and today Whitney goes into the Sports Spotlight.

When one sports season ends, another begins. Whitney Thomas didn't have much time to transition from volleyball to basketball - but when you've been doing this kind of thing since early elementary school, you kind of get used to it.

"Coming into each sport, I kind of get a different feeling, and that excitement like, kind of comes back during each sport," said Thomas.

Like most student athletes, Whitney grew up in a sports-loving household. So naturally, she would carry on the tradition of playing multiple sports, just like her role model.

"Yeah, my brother was a really big influence on me. He does very well in sports, so he kind of helps me, I guess talk me through certain things," said Thomas.

And certain sports, she doesn't have time for. With such a heavy workload, she had to give up her first love.

Thomas said: "I actually started playing soccer first. I was, before I was even in kindergarten I played for like the kindergarten-first grade leagues."

Though she stopped playing soccer, she hasn't stopped doing other things. She currently is involved in softball, volleyball, and basketball. And those are just her varsity activities.

"National Honors Society, I'm the president of that, Key Club, there's another, oh, well I guess I also coach unified flag football. I did coach that, and I hope to coach bowling this year too, but with basketball, it's kind of hard," said Thomas.

And with basketball season starting up right after she finished her final volleyball season with the Sabers, Whitney is able to make a seamless transition from one sport, to the next.

"Yeah, it's different because each sport uses different muscles, so coming in I'm probably a bit more sore than I were to do volleyball. But, I feel like being in so many sports, it's kind of an advantage, because you stay in shape and that kind of stuff," said Thomas.

As Whitney prepares for her final season on the basketball court at Legacy, she can only hope to end it, the way it did last year. Winning the state title.

The Sabers have some of time before they hit the court for the start of the season. Their first game is in Gillette, Wyoming on the 7th. Legacy's first West Region game is Dec. 14 against Mandan.