Sports Spotlight: Troy Olson

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 3:48 PM CDT
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Troy Olson grew up in a house with his mom and dad, plus his younger sister. Those two ladies have allowed Troy's life to continue.

Nearly 15 years ago, Troy Olson's mother, Linette, donated a kidney to him. This past fall, that same kidney started deteriorating.

"The writing was on the wall that eventually I am going to need another one, and I tried to push it through the hockey season and I got sick right at Christmas time. And, so I ended up having to go on dialysis, which was less than ideal. For four months, I was on there, and then it was a bit of a roller coaster form there," said Olson.

Troy's sister Jacey, went to get tested.

"Right away when we found out I was a good match. We just ended it there," said Brown.

On May 5, Jacey and her older brother went through the transplant surgery. It was successful and Troy is feeling better than ever.

"Going it's just a new lease of life right now I am not tired I have more energy I feel great I am taking less medications now so right now I am in a pretty good spot," said Olson.

Troy couldn't be more thankful for his sister. Jacey is just thankful the surgery was a success.

"The fact that he is well means more than anything right now so it's really good. You know we've always I guess looked out for each other and we just continue to do that and I know he would do the same for me," said Brown.

Less than a month after the transplant, Troy is already back coaching the Bismarck Reps.

"I was always hoping in the back of my mind that it might be on a limited basis. Being outside obviously helps, you know, they are really worried about the virus now with me because my immune system is pretty depressed. So, I won't be driving the bus or hanging out at the restaurants with the boys but try to stay six feet as much as possible, and be outside and think I am pretty safe," said Olson.

Jacey's kidney may have given Troy a new lease on life, but she believes baseball is also helping him heal.

"I think honestly it is keeping him together to be out there that's what he really loves to do is to coach, and I think it's going to help him heal even faster to be a part of the team and be out there with the guys that's where he likes to be," said Brown.

Troy's Reps are playing a double header against Minot tonight.