Sports Spotlight: Treyton Mattern

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BISMARCK, N.D. - While it’s not unusual, it can be a bit uncommon to have your parent be your coach. Over at Century, Darin Mattern coaches his son Treyton Mattern on the basketball court.

You can spot him playing baseball, football, and basketball for the Century Patriots. But everyone has a favorite.

"I would probably have to go with basketball," said Treyton.

For Treyton, it's not entirely surprising that he enjoys playing on the court more than anywhere else. I mean, when your dad is your head coach.

"He may get on me a little more," said Treyton.

But even before Darin was coaching Treyton at Century, he was involved with basketball.

"Even back in my days as assistant coach at Bismarck High, you know he's been with us in the gym since I can remember as a first grader, you know sitting on the bench, throwing the ball at the basket at a young age," said Darin.

"I would always go to practices over there, I was the ball boy for their team, so I was kind of always growing up around basketball. But my mom also played in high school too, and so yeah, I was just around it all the time, and I really grew to love it," added Treyton.

When Darin made the transition from BHS to Century, so did Treyton. He traded in the maroon and white, for the red, white and blue.

"He's been a great leader for our team and he's a positive influence on other kids,” Darin said. “You know, just a high character kid, a good student in the classroom, and you know, somebody you want help leading your program."

Unbiased opinion, right? "Yeah, no kidding," added Darin.

But as Treyton's time playing high school hoops comes to a close, he won't have to travel too far when he goes to play at the University of Mary. A decision that follows in his parents footsteps.

"It definitely had some part to play. A couple guys that graduated from here went there as well, that had something to play. I really like the coaches there and campus, and what they had to offer both academically and athletically. And so I think staying close to home, I think that was just the right fit for me," Treyton said.

"Obviously, it's very exciting as a parent. I think any coach would tell you when you have your own kid on your team, sometimes it can be a little stressful, but you know what, I tell myself every day just enjoy every day we have together, and I'm trying to do that," said Darin.

And there's still a few more months left to enjoy it, before he becomes a Marauder this fall.

Treyton and the Patriots will be back on the hardwood on Friday when they host Belcourt.