Sports Spotlight: Trey Brunelle

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Trey Brunelle is an outstanding athlete for the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks. In the fall, the Skyhawks running back was named second team all-state.

"Well if you have that much speed at any sport, you're going to be successful. I mean a guy like Trey, the fastest in the state, I think he is the fastest in the state, it’s just a huge advantage to have back there, especially have that weight off your shoulder and know that he's got your back and I got his back," said Jaden Mitzel, Shiloh Christian senior.

Despite his success on the gridiron, Brunelle has always loved basketball.

"I started at a really young age, when I was super young, honestly didn't even like it that much. So like when the Dakota Wizards were here they had a camp and I did that camp and that made me me really love basketball and I've just been playing it ever since. I'd say the Dakota Wizards probably inspired me the most," said Brunelle, senior.

As a junior, Brunelle and the Skyhawks reached the Class B Basketball Championship for the first time in school history. His role as lock down defender was key in that run.

"Trey is a really good kid. He's kind of quiet but really a hard worker, probably one of the fastest kids in North Dakota, really good three point shooter, excellent defender. We put him on really good players last year in the state tournament and he really did a good job on them," said Brad Miller, Shiloh Christian head coach.

"He's a stud. He gets after it. I think he's the best defender in the state to be honest. In that state tournament last year he shut down everybody he guarded and even on the offensive side he's going to have a bigger role this year since we lost three seniors and I think he'll do pretty well there," said Mitzel.

The Skyhawks are undefeated at this point in the season. Brunelle is finally a senior captain; a goal of his since he started playing basketball at Shiloh Christian.

"It’s awesome because I've been with these guys for four years now and it’s great to be able to lead them and take that part in leadership that I've always wanted," said Brunelle.

The next time you can catch Brunelle and the Skyhawks in action will be this Friday at home against the Beulah Miners.