Sports Spotlight: Trevor Zacher

BISMARCK, N.D. - Most high school athletes have to pick just one sport when they get to college. Trevor Zacher’s sport is basketball, but before he’s done at the University of Mary, Zacher plans to add another activity.

"We've seen him grow as an athlete from his days in high school. He helped lead the Miners to a state title on the basketball court, and hasn't put the ball down since. But this his final year shootin' hoops," said Zacher, senior forward from Beulah. "I don't know if it's really hit me that it's my last year. I've been doing sports my whole life,” he added Zacher.

After graduating high school in 2013, he went on to play to South Dakota Mines. Trevor then transferred to Bismarck State, before moving up to play at the University of Mary.

"For one, BSC, ju-co ball, and playing DII, is completely different thing,” said Zacher. “More defensively oriented. But as far as being in South Dakota and here, I'm just more comfortable here. Being here, closer to home has definitely been the better move for me."

Since being in the Capital City, Trevor has played a big part in his two seasons as a Marauder. The big question for him, is what's next?

"I don't know. I'm on the baseball team now, so I'm doing that to help me cope with not being able to play basketball," said Zacher.

That's right, baseball. Trevor spent most of his days playing baseball growing up. While in high school, he helped pitch the Miners to a state title. It was his first love, and will be his next enterprise.

Head Coach of the University of Mary men’s basketball team Joe Kittell said: "I know how hard it is, you know, when your season and your career starts to end, and you don't want to have any what-ifs, and so, I'm looking forward to seeing him out there."

While Kittell is excited to seeing him out on the diamond, when he told his teammates, well, they had a different reaction.

"They were like, 'really?' Really surprised, but then yesterday I got kind of frustrated at practice, and I whipped the ball at the wall, and Evan's like, oh! I see why you're playing baseball. Like it really didn't have anything to do with baseball, I was just mad, but I don't know. They don't really care. They say they're going to come watch," said Zacher.

"You know, it's just a Trevor thing to do. I know he wants to compete, and I know his life without sports would just be, you know. That's just not Trevor. And I know he's going to want to compete for as long as possible," said Marauders freshman forward Matt Kreklow.

With baseball on his mind for the near future, he'll be focusing on his final basketball season until spring rolls around.

Zacher and the Marauders are back on the court next Saturday when they host Duluth.