Sports Spotlight: Trace Jacobson

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SOUTH HEART, N.D. - In North Dakota, you can compete on the varsity in high school in the seventh grade, if you're good enough.That's when Heart River graduate Trace Jacobson began golfing for Heart River High School. Jacobson has accomplished a lot during his prep career, but in this week's Sports Spotlight we find out he is ready for the next step in his golfing life.

Jacobson has been golfing here at Pheasant Country Club in South Heart for over 10 years.

"That helped a lot because it then built my confidence once I beat some kids that were older than me. And, I mean, other kids beat me it would just make me wanna work even harder," Jacobson said.

Throughout the years, Jacobson has shown great improvement on the golf course, but the most significant progress was seen once he understood how to monitor his emotions

"Just staying focused when something bad happens in my round. Sometimes I'll just kind of get super angry at myself and then it doesn't make it any better. So, I've really tried to work on staying calm and just getting over the hump,"Jacobson said.

Jacobson has competed in the Class B state tournament the last five years. He's been named all-state his junior and senior seasons, but being named the Class-B Boys Golf Senior Athlete of the Year was the perfect ending to a very successful High School career.

"So I found out over Twitter, so I mean I was pretty excited once I found out I won. Something I've been working for forever because that's the way I've always wanted to end my high school career," Jacobson said.

Jacobson earned a golf scholarship at Iowa Lakes. When he leaves for college in August, it'll be his first time moving away from South Heart.

"Ever since I've started playing, I've always decided that I wanted to play college golf. I'm pretty excited to go out there and try something new and have different competition. See what different states are like and I think that'll be fun," Jacobson said.

When Jacobson met his new college coach, Jarvis Webber, he knew he wanted to take the opportunity to be a part of his team

"He said I'd be a really good asset, and I talked to some of the players about him, and he said he's the nicest guy they've ever really met, so I mean that kind of really helped me set my mind at it too," Jacobson said.

Jacobson is very excited for the next chapter in his career. But like so many other high school graduates, he knows he'll miss the place he calls home..

"Its going to be leaving all of my friends and my family because I've been with them forever, and it's just going to be different not being able to see everyone again," Jacobson said.

Iowa Lakes is located in Esterville, which is in the north central part of the state.