Sports Spotlight: Thomas Sease

BISMARCK, N.D. - Dickinson State's football team is on top of the North Star Conference with a 5-0. The Hawks are leading the league in fewest points allowed and if you ask fans to point-out their defensive leader, the majority of fingers will be pointed at Tommy Sease.

The D.S.U. Senior from B.H.S. is in this weeks Sports Spotlight.

In the fall of 2013, Thomas Sease played his senior season of football as a Bismarck Demon. Fast-forward to the fall of 2017, and he is still on the football field. This time as a senior for the Dickinson State Blue Hawks.

"It's been awesome. I've had great teammates and great coaches, and that's not something that everybody can say. And just through the entire process, it's something that I'm extremely grateful for," said Thomas Sease, DSU senior.

While it hasn't set it that this is his last year playing the sport he loves, this football captain has made quite the impact on the Hawks.

Sease said, "I would just say my role ever since I've been here is just, basically leading by example."

"Never been probably around a more competitive, driven, you know player than Tommy Sease," said Pete Stanton, DSU head football coach

DSU sophomore quarterback Hayden Gibson said, "Back in high school he was the same way. He treats everyone with respect, and he just gets the job done, you know, he's a baller out here so, he's doing his thing."

And sometimes when he's just, doing his thing, there's not too many words that go along with it.

Sease said: "I would, no. Probably not. I don't know, I guess I am a little bit reserved, but I try and be as nice as I can."

"He's a funny dude. He's different. He's really different," said Gibson.

"It's hard to get stuff out of Tommy for sure. He's a hard working guy, he's dedicated in everything that he does," said Jalen Hendrickson, DSU junior.

While Tommy might be a man of few words, he's a man of good morals, and many friends.

"He was part of the reason I came here. You know he made me feel very comfortable, very at home. iw as pretty good friends with him in high school, so, and then to continue that friendship over to college, it was pretty nice. He was my roommate my freshman year, so, I know him pretty well on that kind of level, so, yeah I mean, he's a good dude," said Hyaden.

"He's not going to be a rah-rah type of person, he's going to be very matter-of-fact, and very serious about what he wants to do, and he's very driven," Stanton.

And the word driven, is a perfect way to describe him, as he has big plans after college.

Sease said, "My major is psychology with a minor in exercise science."

Kaleigh: "So, plans after graduation?"

Thomas: "Hopefully apply to med-school or graduate school."

That's his future. But first, he has his final football season to finish.

If you noticed the bulky bandage on Tommy's right wrist. He's playing with a broken wrist. Sease knows what that's like because he broke his left wrist last year.

The Blue Hawks are on the road this weekend to play Jamestown.