Sports Spotlight: Tayt Wolding

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Tayt Wolding and the New Salem-Almont Holsteins are getting ready for the State Wrestling Tournament at the Fargodome next week. As Ryan Farrell tells us, Tayt and his dad, Dave, have a lot to keep them busy outside the wrestling room.

Tayt Wolding is a two time state Champion for the New Salem Almont Holsteins. His dad, Dave Wolding, is the teams head coach. "We do everything together, man,” says Tayt.

Dave has been coaching his son since pre-school and he's watched him develop into one of the best wrestlers in the state. "He works very hard and he's got to work hard to get where he's at and that is what's really rewarding to see some body that works hard you know he wasn't the most gifted talented wise kid," Dave says.

If you head to the Wolding ranch just outside of New Salem, the work ethic is on constant display. You'll see them doing all of their daily chores which includes feeding cattle and all the other strenuous work that keeps the family business up and running.

Tayt says, "I've been ranching since I could barely walk you know dad would bring me out to the feeders while he was feeding you know let me pet the cows and everything else yeah I've been ranching forever."

They'll be up at the crack of dawn, but they still have time to make sure Tayt's training, for his next match, as Dave adds that, "we have a lot of early hours but we make dang sure that there's always a workout before we head out the door."

Tayt has a lot to manage between his sports schedule, school work, and the ranch, but it’s the Wolding's ranching mindset laid the foundation for his success, as he describes it as: "It’s just like that mentality that you know it doesn't matter how hard it is its just it has to get done so you know that's pretty much what it boils down to it doesn't matter how hard it’s going to be my mindset is always you know if it’s got to get done let’s get it done. Just always constantly working hard I haven't been raised any other way I don't know any better."

After his senior season with the Holsteins, Tayt will go on to wrestle at the University of Mary. And that means, the family can enjoy his collegiate career from up close.

"I really want to follow him closely I mean his brother wants to follow him close,” Dave adds. “Mom wants to follow him close, and for him to be 45 minutes away and I always tell him if you get maybe your class schedule and your done by 3:00 in the afternoon you can still catch some chores at home and a hot meal.”

The State Wrestling Tournament takes place next Thursday in Fargo.