Sports Spotlight: Taryn Allmaras

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We are nearing the second half of the WDA basketball season, so there’s a lot of time before the spring rolls around. Transitioning from one sport to another is something Legacy’s Taryn Allmaras is used to.

Whether it's the fall, the winter or in the spring, Taryn Allmaras is in a Sabers uniform. "I like different parts of all of them," said Allmaras.

Taryn first got involved with volleyball. Turns out, she was the only one, not playing, at the time. "A lot of my friends played it, and my parents also thought it was a good idea for me to play it."

She then started participating in more. "I'd say I started basketball probably around the same time I started volleyball, but I just started softball my freshman year of high school, so that was definitely a change."

And I'm sure you can guess what got her into playing softball. "A lot of my same friends I play other sports with, played it, and it was really fun, enjoyable atmosphere, and I liked watching the game, so I thought it would be fun."

You can tell Taryn's focus is on basketball right now, because her production keeps going up.

Sabers Head Coach Jim Petrik said: "This year she's stepped it up scoring for us, had about 15 points a game right now. I would say when we need a bucket, we're probably going to look at Taryn to hopefully create something for us. She's very good with her first steps, she can get to the rim and either finish or kick it back out for the shot."

"I definitely just want to improve as an all-around player and I just want to have fun because it's my last season, and enjoy it the whole time," Taryn adds.

Taryn was a part of the 2017 state title team, and getting there again, is what these senior's want.

Kailey Weigel, senior at Legacy says, "I mean, I think we both have the same goal, the team should have the same goal, you know, get to the state championship, get to the state tournament first, and see where we go from there."

Taryn adds that, "winning state for basketball was pretty fun because I was part of that team, and then, I don't know if I have any others, specific moments, I just have a lot of good memories overall."

Taryn hopes to add more memories, before her final year with the Sabers is over.

After graduation, Taryn plans to attend North Dakota State with a focus on pre-dental. Allmaras and the Sabers are back on the court tomorrow, and it’s a big match-up as Legacy is hosting top-ranked Century.