Sports Spotlight: Sydney Smith

BISMARCK, N.D. High School sporting events start even before classes do. The first sport to get going in Class-A is girls golf. The St. Mary’s Saints have high expectations to meet after winning the state title last year.

She’s won a number of regular season tournaments, helped lead her team and herself to the state title last year, and now, Sydney Smith is looking to have a repeat year, her final year of high school.

“Favorite sports moment is definitely when we won state last year,” says Smith. “That was really exciting. And knowing that I was only a junior at the time, that we have next year, well this year, so it’s really exciting because I really think that we can do it again this year. It would be really fun to win back to back.”

Attempting to win two consecutive state titles would put a new meaning to, going out with a bang. It’s something she’s prepared for since she was just 12 years old.

"My grandparents got me into playing golf because they play golf so, both of my parents also play golf, and so did my brother. So, I've just, it's always just been in our family, a thing for golf. I mean, I didn't like it right away, but my parents made me stick with it. I', happy with that because I've been successful in it."

While golf came to be her sport, she started to get competitive on the basketball court, just one year prior to stepping on the golf course. Golf and basketball teammate, Tonya Dvorak says, “she makes us compete in every single thing we do, and every practice it’s always a competition, which, in the end makes us all better.”

Junior golfer Gabby Easton adds, "Playing with Sydney is a lot of fun, we're really good friends and she's just really outgoing and fun, and she makes the game fun, and being competitive with one another, and pushing each other to be better is always good."

Not only is Sydney known to be a great friend, but a leader on any team she plays for. "Sydney is a phenomenal student athlete,” Head Coach of the Saints, Michael Herzog mentions. “She works hard in the classroom. She's a leader both on and off the course and the classroom. She is, a great example ion what I look for in a leader on a team."

As Sydney continues that leadership this year, she’ll prepare for her next adventure on a bigger course. “I have verbally committed to play at UND for golf.” When asked if she was excited, “yeah I am. That’s where I wanted to go,” Smith says.

Sydney plans on studying in the medical field while at the University of North Dakota.

Smith and the Saints won the East-West Classic this week, their next tournament is on Monday in Williston.