Sports Spotlight: Stevie Kraljic

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BISMARCK, N.D. - ​Stevie Kraljic was very busy at Century High School. He played football, basketball and baseball for the Patriots. Cade Feeney was a teammate in all three sports.

"He'll call you out if you're doing something wrong and you love that as a teammate not a lot of players can do that and he's a good leader and when you have someone that's doing that, making sure you're doing your thing and he's doing his you know that's when your team really comes together and works the best," said Feeney.

Kraljic made an impact in all three sports, but he feels most at home on the pitching rubber.

"There's nothing like being on the mound going up there throwing up there controlling the entire game basically and when you're feeling good there's nothing like it. I've had a lot of people say my arm slot is different compared to what they've seen before because I throw mainly over the top and a lot of people are like three quarters so they say it’s weird to see from the batters view," said Kraljic.

Mike Syktland is the Governors head coach and he loves having three sport athletes on his legion roster.

"Multiple sport athletes I think really do help kids be use to different situations and have to have the spotlight on them in different situations and also just progressing athletically so I think multiple sports have really been good for Stevie as we like to preach to our kids I think it really can help you become a better player at almost any sport you do," said Skytland.

In the fall, Kraljic plans to study Pre-Med at the University of Mary. He knows the grind of playing three sports throughout high school will help him manage the medical school work load.

"When we played basketball our coach would always tell us, Darrin Mattern, that we're not preparing you for basketball, we're preparing you for life and all the hard times that we've had during basketball, the hard practices in baseball, football, and basketball, all of them have really taught me that I just need to keep pushing forward and there's always better roads ahead," said Kraljic.

Kralijic also plans to pitch for the Marauders.