Sports Spotlight: Olivia Dickerson

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Bismarck senior Olivia Dickerson plays soccer, volleyball, and basketball all year round.

“It's a lot you never have an off period its always fall volleyball, winter basketball, and then spring soccer and then you go into spring and you have travel volleyball and basketball has already started and then into the summer you got all three at the same time,” said Dickerson.

Olivia is the only Demon that plays all three sports. The relationships she's built with every player on every team is her favorite part of being a three sport athlete.

"Definitely the teammates every single team of mine is different and so I think I'm the only one that carries over to all three of them and so each team I have completely different people and they're all amazing they are almost like a second family,” said Dickerson.

This is the fourth and final season Olivia and Macy Wetsch will play volleyball together at Bismarck High School.

"I think everyone looks up to her she's a great teammate to have I always go to her when I'm down and she always just gets me back up so it’s nice to have that energy on the court with her," said Wetsch.

Olivia's favorite sport is volleyball and she has committed to play at the University of Mary. Being a Marauder allows Olivia to continue her career with her support system just a few miles away.

"I know I wanted to play volleyball, and so I started with that and then it just came down to if I wanted to stay close to home or not and I think staying close to home with my family and friends can watch so I think it’s going to be a great next four years out there. It’s amazing. I'm so excited that it's only like seven minutes away from my house, and so I can always comeback home whenever I want. And for games, it's very close. They can just come watch and so it'll be just like high school, and I think they are going to enjoy it and having a support system right there instead of having them to drive all the time I think it’s really nice," said Dickerson.

Dickerson and the Bismarck Demons will travel to Jamestown on Thursday to take on the Blue Jays.