Sports Spotlight: Nick Pfaff

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Every high school team has to deal with losing key players to graduation, but it's not always easy to replace a multi-sport, All-State athlete like Shiloh Christian Quarterback, point guard and pitcher Zac Martin.

The Skyhawk's football squad is undefeated so far, and a big part of that is their new QB: Nick Pfaff.

Shiloh Christian has a new quarterback and he's doing just fine.

"He's just a competitor, he just likes to compete. And that's really rubbed off on the other guys, and that's brought a really competitive sense to practice everyday," says Funnon Barker, Shiloh Christian Head Coach.

The Skyhawks lost three-year starter Zac Martin to graduation but with Nick Pfaff, they haven't skipped a beat. Shiloh's 4-0 to start the year, and rank second in the state 9-man poll. Pretty good for the new kid, but Pfaff has more reps under his belt than a typical first-year field general.

"I've always kind of been quarterback in practices, just for reps and to keep going. I've always kind of been around the quarterback position, so I'm pretty comfortable there," says Pfaff.

Pfaff was part of Martin's receiving corps last year, until an injury put him out for the year.

"That was heartbreaking for me because I love being in sports, I love being around it even. So it was just really heartbreaking for me. Getting hurt like that and then, we're playing, but now I'm back this year and I'm ready to go. I mean, this is fun right now," says Pfaff.

Coach Barker says Pfaff's high football IQ has made the transition much smoother.

"The big thing where he's come through has been his intelligence as far as how to read the defense and knowing where to go with the ball. He hasn't turned it over at all which is obviously a big key offensively," says Barker.

"He knows what it's like to be at receiver. And to be able to have a quarterback like that, as a wide receiver to know he knows what he's doing and knows what routes we're going to run and everything," says Canaan Fagerland, sophomore WR.

What helped Pfaff succeed Martin and the Class of 2016? Learning from them.

"Being around him and being around all the older guys since I was a freshman, being around those guys, they build you up mentally. Especially like my sophomore year, definitely the older guys really calmed me down, especially knowing guys like Zac and Blake, it really calms," says Pfaff.

Pfaff and Martin played together in basketball as well as football. While Martin ultimately chose baseball for college, Pfaff says he hasn't decided.

"It's a toss up. I mean I love football, I love basketball. Either one, it really wouldn't matter, I love both of them. I just love sports in general," says Pfaff.

Whether it's threes or TDs, the torch has been passed at Shiloh Christian, and so far, everything is just fine. Nick and his teammates have an important Region 3 contest on Friday at home. The Skyhawks and Linton-HMB are both 3-0 in the region standings.