Sports Spotlight: Michael Janes

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Saturday is the first day of fall. Some fall sports are already winding down. On the tennis court, the West Region is a couple of weeks away. Legacy’s Michael Janes is out to win the WDA, and then do the same at the state tournament.

Playing tennis runs in the family. That's putting it lightly. Playing tennis, runs in Michael Janes' blood.

"it's relaxing and competitive at the same time, it's just so nice, and that's why I fell in love with the sport, because of how fun it can be and how competitive it can be at the same time," said Janes.

Janes is one of six children, who all play tennis. He was introduced to the sport at a young age by his dad.

"He played a lot. He actually played for Dickinson back in the day. So he kind of introduced it to us. You know my mom played when she was a kid, I don't think she played as much as much as my dad," said Janes.

While tennis has proven to be the sport for him, his coach, Scott McPherson, has seen this before.

"It's meant for his entire family,” said McPherson. “His entire family, I've had all the children for the most part, as players. They've just given me a lot of opportunities to have success just because of what they've done. And he's not quite the last one, still looking forward to his younger brother coming up too."

"I think it's a match made in heaven for him. It's like nothing can go wrong with him. The Janes family has been, has had tennis blood ever since his dad, so it's like, can't really go wrong," said Paxton Miller, Legacy senior.

Tennis is what Janes is concentrating on right now, but it looks like his future plans are a little more focused on the books.

"I mean, if anybody wants me at their college, I'll try at it. But as of now, I'm focusing on the academics of it than college tennis. If there's a club, I'll play club at the school," said Janes.

And when it comes to high school, he's done things in the West Region many other's haven't. He's won 3 WDA doubles titles, last year he took first in WDA singles, and he has second place finishes at state in both. With the playoffs fast approaching, winning a state championship is his ultimate goal his final season as a Saber.

Janes is undefeated in the WDA and he’s undefeated in both no. 1 singles and no. 1 doubles.