Sports Spotlight: Megan Zander

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MANDAN, N.D. - Mandan’s Megan Zander has been a part of the Braves varsity basketball team for five years. She walked on as an eighth grader, and while this is her last year playing high school hoops, she says her goal is to make it back to the state tournament.

They say actions speak louder than words and Zander makes that clear when she's on the court.

"I don't know if you'll hear a thing from her," said senior Kennedy Harris.

Shy in front of the camera? A little bit. Shy on the hardwood? No way.

"The funny thing about her is that she may be very quiet off the floor, but the second she steps on the floor, she's a beast," said Head Coach Abby Thomas.

"Yeah, my coach wants me to work on my talking,” Zander added. “And I try to work on it out there, but even when I talk, my voice just doesn't carry. I'd say yeah, I'm pretty shy out there too."

While she may be apprehensive to be vocal, she's always been aggressive in uniform. Zander grew up around sports and she's been shooting hoops since elementary school.

"My brother played when I was younger, and then my mom really just pushed me into it I guess, and I just really love playing it,” says Zander. “I don't know what I'd do if I didn't.

Though she also participates in volleyball and softball, basketball is more her style.

"She's consistent every night,” Thomas said. “We never don't get what we expect from Megan, you know she's always consistent, she always shows up, she always plays her heart out."

While she may not be that vocal leader for the Braves, Zander's impressive numbers are all over the stat sheet.

"I think we're kind of the same person a lot, but also very different at the same time. I try to be a leader by talking, and I think she leads a lot by example, and everyone looks up to her, because of her actions, and no so much for talking. But without her on this team, it's just not a team," said Harris.

"I think that my ability of rebounding really helps the team out, but I couldn't do what I can do without the rest of my teammates, said Zander.

As Zander and the rest of the Braves push through this season with high hopes of making it back to the state tournament, her future plans take her to Grand Forks where she'll play Division 1 basketball at the University of North Dakota.

The Braves will have a bit of a break for the rest of the week before getting back to work on the hardwood next Tuesday to host the Legacy Sabers.