Sports Spotlight: Mark Ohlhauser

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Mark Ohlhauser has been playing golf for 45 years and he recently picked up another state championship at the North Dakota Golf Association Senior Stroke Play.

Ohlhauser has been hitting balls for a long time but he didn't start until later in life.

"Well I'm actually a farm boy from Hazelton and I didn't move here until 15, so I didn't touch a club until then. But my dad played and he took me out from time to time and that's kind of how I got started, and I played high school golf and college golf and have been at it ever since," said Ohlhauser

After a couple of successful years at Bismarck State, Ohlhauser switched to a different sport.

"I loved, actually, playing baseball and fast pitch when we had those, then I got back into golf when, I never really took it that serious until I was 28-29. Then I started having some success. Won my first NDGA golf tournament, won a few more then decided to turn professional in 1990 and played a couple years as a touring pro. I went out there with my own money, so that didn't last as long, so I came home, got my amateur status back got a real job and here we are today," Ohlhauser said.

After regaining his amateur status, Ohlhauser picked up a couple more NDGA state titles with three more coming as a senior, and as he's gotten older, Ohlhauser says he's gotten smarter.

"You know, your skills decrease, your flexibility decreases. I mean you just can't hit it as far, so you have to get a little bit more crafty. You got to do some more things better like chip and putt and a couple of other things that allow you to excel," said Ohlhauser

While being successful at the game of golf is always a plus, Ohlhauser says it's his friends that keep him hitting the links.

"That's what gets me out here today. I am going to play with 4 or 5 really good friends and its a blast, but mostly it's the people that I have met and that's what keeps me going," said Ohlhauser,

And after 45 years, Ohlhauser doesn't have any plans to give up the game he loves.

"Well, you know, you can play for five to 95. I am going to play until I can't walk anymore. I like to walk when I play and I think that is what has kept me in such great health at my age, so I am going to play as long as I can walk. If I have to take a cart some days to prolong it, I will, but I love the game so I am going to keep playing, absolutely," said Ohlhauser.

Ohlhauser plans to play in the next NDGA event, which is the State Match Play, next week at the Vardon Club in Minot.