Sports Spotlight: Mark Moriarty

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Mark Moriarty came to the University of Mary after winning a national championship as the pitching coach for Augustana.

With a handful of games left in his first season at the helm, the Marauders are reaping the benefits of his move to Bismarck.​

Moriarty was named the head baseball coach of the UMary Marauders last summer. For Moriarty, it was an opportunity he has been working towards throughout the last decade.

"It's been a long journey, a lot of times with coaching jobs there's a lot of people that apply for one position and doing that for 10 years it wears on you a little bit. I mean, the coaching world is you got to take your lumps," said Moriarty.

After arriving on campus, Moriarty met with each player to discuss his views and values for the program. Following those conversations, the team began to feel a new sense of camaraderie.

"He first started off by telling us all that he's going to treat us like professionals and he has from day one. And they talk about the culture of family that we have with each other, it’s just expected that we all love one another and move forward as a team and not as individuals, and that's been really important to him. So it’s been a big up shift for everyone. Baseball is fun, I love playing it, I love playing for him, love playing for this team," said Charles Bielejeski, Marauders senior.

The family-like atmosphere Moriarty instilled has led to his player's respect and the use of a nickname that is not taken lightly.

"We even call him Dad. He's just that calming influence no matter what situation we're in. He's always just been one of those guys that brings such a calm feeling to the team, some confidence to the team that whenever comes up to the mound, whenever you see him in the dugout, he's always going to have that calming and positive influence. He really is like that to us, he's our second dad, we spend a lot of time with him and there's no none else I'd rather have my last season with," said Connor Doll, U-Mary senior.

With a few more games left in the regular season, the Marauders have tripled their win total from a season ago, but Moriarty is far from complacent.

"We want to win. We don't want to be scrapping for the eight seed in the conference tournament. We want to be, you know, shoe ins for the conference tournament making regionals and hopefully competing and getting into the world series, and, you know, we got to start somewhere," said Moriarty.

With four more games left in the regular season, the Marauders are vying for the final spot in the NSIC tournament.