Sports Spotlight: Luxon Glor

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It’s hard to keep track of everything Luxon Glor has accomplished at the University of Mary. He's been named All American multiple times, he's broken school and conference records in numerous events, and he's been named the conference athlete of the year. Believe it or not, he still has a few more things he'd like to accomplish.

Photo courtesy: Tom Ackerman

When his collegiate career is all said and done, Glor will go down as one of the most prolific athletes to ever step on the track at the University of Mary. Glor was originally recruited to play baseball before having a change of heart.

"They said that I could talk to the track coach and they ended up taking me as well, then after my first year I decided to go with the track option. So I don't know, it was kind of just something I enjoyed. I had an injury to my eye that was kind of making baseball a little hard and then I just really liked the track coaches and the whole training program that they had set up,” said Glor.

From the moment Glor started training, his head coach, Dennis Newell, knew he stumbled upon an exceptional athlete.

“Just watching him practice and watching his ability. There's certain athletes you can tell they just have something special, and you can see it when they bounce and when they jump, or when they move so freely, and he had those attributes. And you can just see, hey if we could kind of control this a little bit and manipulate and teach it and educate it a little bit, we can use all these attributes and do some really spectacular things and that's what our staff here has been able to do. So I think the best is yet to come with Luxon." said Newell.

In his time at UMary, Glor has set numerous records, but there's still one more accolade he's chasing.

“We want him to be a National Champion. You know, he works hard, he has all the characteristics and abilities, so we want him to be thinking about those things," said Newell.

And when he graduates later in the spring, his next goal is to qualify for the Olympics.

“As soon as I started doing track and as soon as I started doing track full time is when I realized like, if we're going to do this we are going to go all the way. So dream big right away and hopefully you make it. I just got to stay determined keep training. I definitely believe I have the ability to get there, I just got to work hard and work with my coaches, get back to trusting another coach again and then just figuring out from there what are the weaknesses I need to build on to get to that next level," said Glor.

On Wednesday, Glor was named the 2019 Northern Sun Preseason Men’s Outdoor Track & Field Track Athlete of the Year.

Glor and the Marauders are picked second in the NSIC preseason men’s outdoor coaches’ poll.