Sports Spotlight: Katelyn Selensky

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Century Patriots are once again headed to the state volleyball tournament and they're doing it as the number one seed from the West Region.

It's a much different line-up this year with one exception.

Katelyn Selensky is that person and she is in this weeks Sports Spotlight.

Selensky first picked up a basketball when she was 5. Since then, she hasn't put it down. But basketball wasn't the only sport she dedicated her time to. On the volleyball court is where she knew she belonged.

Selensky grew up with her older sister, and long-time teammate, Courtney. So naturally, that sibling rivalry carried onto the court.

"Yeah, we were always super competitive against each other. We went to the YMCA all the time together, and would put up shots together, and we would pepper in our backyard for volleyball, so it was really fun to push each other growing up," said Selensky.

And having an older sister to help guide her with both basketball and volleyball, Courtney became Selensky's biggest role model.

"I would watch her every weekend and, I always wanted to be the player that she was, because she was always so much better than me," said Selensky.

With her sister now playing college basketball at MSU-Moorhead, Selensky has taken over the leadership role for the Patriots.

Century Head Volleyball Coach Jamie Zastoupil said: "She was like that young one or two years. You know, that she just kind of followed along what everybody else did, and I think that gave her an idea of, 'how do I want to lead,' you know, how do I want to be perceived by the younger girls."

"She's always been like a natural leader, since I've known her, honestly. She's always had that determination about her that's made her a leader, so I don't think there was really a shadow to follow with Courtney, I think Courtney was more like her role model," said Bailee Otterness, Century senior middle blocker.

Century senior outside hitter Bailee Blickensderfer said: "Katelyn, is very driven, like, when she sets her mind to something, she's going to go for it. She's just one of our like, very consistent players that you can always count on, you can always go to, and she's very focused on the sport."

Focused, is the best way to put it. Katelyn is focused on finishing her senior year, and not worried about what's to come after, at least, not yet.

"It's kind of sad to see it drawing near, especially because I don't have any plans right now, but I'm just really putting all that I can into it, thinking that it might be my last moments on the court," said Selensky.

And if this weekend is where she spends her last moments playing volleyball, it's the memories she makes while doing it, that she'll keep forever.

Katelyn and the Patriots play Devils Lake on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. CST.