Sports Spotlight: Kaden Kuntz

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Kaden Kuntz is hoping his final game as a high school football player will be in the same building he will be competing in during college. Kuntz is a senior for the Trinity Titans.

Having a good running back is crucial to any football team. Having a good senior leader comes next. Having talent, on stage, in the school's production, is just an added bonus.

"Drama is the big one that he was involved in the musical Shrek last year, and he had such a great time doing that," said Trinity Head Football Coach John Odermann.

"Last year was my first year, I decided to just try it, get out of my comfort zone a little bit, and I found that I really enjoyed it,” said Kuntz.

When he's not sharpening his acting skills, it's back to work on the football field. Like most, Kaden grew up watching football, but he first got started playing the sport, when living up North.

"I started playing actually in Canada, because I lived up there for a little bit, so I started playing there in the fourth grade, and then when I moved down here, I kept playing. I remember my first game freshman year against Killdeer, and I didn't have the best game, but I always thought to myself, oh I have four games left, but now it's my last regular season game my senior year, and it really flew by," said Kaden.

Coach Odermann said: "I think he's been a guy that people have looked at for the last four years as a leader on this team, whether or not he was in a leadership role or not, and to see him mature into the type of leader he is and has been this season, has been pretty gratifying for our coaching staff."

As Kaden prepares to end this chapter of his football career, his next endeavor will be 290 miles East, where he will play for the Bison.

"In college, I'll probably just focus on football and school, just because football, you get into the college level, it's basically your life and your second job," said Kaden. "You know they just have that winning atmosphere and I want to, I feel like Trinity has a good winning atmosphere as well. I just want to stay in that atmosphere."

Kaden plans on going into pre-med, and he hopes to transfer to optometry school after North Dakota State. But for now, he's got his eye on trying for a state title with the Titans.

Besides football and the drama department, Kaden stays busy with basketball, he’s the defending Class-B State Champion in the 100 and 200 meters, plus Kuntz is an assistant chaplain at Trinity High.