Sports Spotlight: Jose Chorro

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Dickinson State has had a number of Olympic athletes come out of its track and field program.

One of their seniors hopes to be on his way to becoming the next Blue Hawk Olympian. Jose Chorro is the subject of this week's Sports Spotlight.

Track And Field has taken Jose Chorro far.

"I was like, what am I getting myself into," said Chorro.

But the El Salvador native didn't reached All-American status, without facing a few hurdles.

"When he came, he was already really good, and this year is just unreal how good he is. I don't know. It's hard to imagine how you continue to get better," said Josh Torgerson, Dickinson State senior jumper.

Jose grew up playing soccer, but there was something missing that running fulfilled.

"It felt different when I won, because it felt like I achieved something," said Chorro.

He heard about Dickinson State through a friend, and traveled Central America for a visit in January.

Chorro said: "He's like, 'Here's our track.' And I did not see the track, it was all white. I was a little nervous, but once I got here I met the people here. Coaches were great, teammates were amazing. I got used to it."

Chorro had a tougher time getting used to injuries.

"My first year here, actually my second day, I tore my hamstring," said Chorro.

It's been a nagging injury ever since. But this year, he's pain-free.

Chorro said: "I think that's why my year is going so good right now. Cause I haven't had any type of injuries so far."

He qualified for the NAIA nationals in both indoor and outdoor events, and this summer, he will run hurdles for El Salvador in the Central American Championships.

"They really want me there, so hopefully free injury and I'll be competing there during the summer" said Chorro.

Looking ahead, Chorro has Olympic aspirations.

"Olympics has always been my dream and hopefully, I'll be able to make it in the next Olympics," said Chorro.

Jose knows it's a long time before the 2020 Games. But he's taking it all, in stride. The next big meet for Chorro is the North Star Conference outdoor next week in Jamestown.