Sports Spotlight: Jordan Meidinger

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DICKINSON, N.D. - The Dickinson Midgets are 10-1, with their only loss coming to the top ranked Minot. A big reason for that is the boost they've gotten this year down low.

Jordan Meidinger in this week's Sports Spotlight.

Come to Dickinson for the basketball, but stay for the seven-foot Midget.

"One summer, my mom swears I grew six inches, and I didn't even realize it," says Meidinger.

Jordan Meidinger is a senior for Dickinson, and his presence down low is bringing the Midgets to new heights.

"If they see a double-team, or if they are in trouble, they can, they know they just have to get it close to the rim, and Jordan has the ability to go get that," says Dan Glasser, Dickinson Head Coach.

He's committed to play for North Dakota State and is nearly impossible to score on.

"It's unbelievable. The way he affects the game, being able to control the lane, just with his arm up and the ability to block shots. Kids don't want to go in the lane when he's in there for obvious reasons," says Glasser.

But it hasn't always been that way.

"If you would've saw me in seventh or eighth grade, you would've seen me on the floor about 10 times, 20 times just because I just wasn't grown in. I was just unbalanced and stuff like that," says Meidinger.

In fact, it's still a growing process.

"He's such a gentle giant that he needs to work on his aggression and wanting to take over a game, because he can physically, but mentally he's just got to get there and want to do it and want to just dunk on people every single time he touches the ball instead of just laying it up," says Glasser.

"He's gotten was more fundamentally sound and his aggressiveness has just gotten way better over the past couple years. He's starting to know the game better, and he's playing really well this year," says Tanner Ouellette, Dickinson senior guard.

In college, Jordan will play against his high school teammate, Aanen Moody, who's going to UND.

"It'll be interesting, trying to block him and stuff like that," says Meidinger.

We'll see if he can rise to the occasion. Meidinger and the Midgets host the Demons on Thursday.