Sports Spotlight: Joe Jahner

Published: Feb. 27, 2019 at 6:16 PM CST
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The West Region basketball tournament starts Thursday and the Bismarck Demons are the number two seed in the boys bracket.

One of the main reasons they are one of the best teams in the West is because of the play of senior guard Joe Jahner.

Jahner has scored over 1,000 points throughout his career as a Demon. A majority of those points have come from behind the arc.

"I think when you watch him in the gym, Joe is one of those guys that can stand in place and he'll make 20 in a row and its not even anything for him; he just kind of rolls his eyes, its no big deal. He's just got a natural stroke and when he has his balance, and his feet are set, and he finishes his follow through, he's as good as a shooter as we've ever had in this program and that I've coached. And the things that he can do with his strength and his ability to get a shot off in a quick manner he doesn't need much space," said Jordan Wilhelm, Bismarck head coach.

Jahner's most impressive shooting performance came back in December against St. Mary's. Joe drained nine threes. A Bismarck High school record for the most triples made in a single game.

"Yeah, at the beginning of the game I came out and maybe hit like four threes in a row, and at that point I was just like I'm just going to let everyone fly that I get. People think of me as a scorer but when I think of myself I can do a lot more than that, like play defense, rebound and just be a play maker for my teammates," said Jahner.

His coach couldn't agree more and that's why he has Jahner lock down the opponents highest scorer.

"The one thing you'll notice with Joe is he's not a guy that is committed on the offensive side. He's a guy that on the defensive side a lot of the nights, we ask him to guard the other teams top players. And he's really improved his rebounding here down the stretch for us, which is huge, and I think when you look at it across the board I don't know that there's anyone in North Dakota that's played as well as him and I think the things that he's doing for us right now are as good as anything you're going to see across the league," said Wilhelm.

Jahner has one last goal he'd like to accomplish to cap off his high school career and that's a State Championship.

Jahner and the Demons play Belcourt in the first round of the West Region Tournament on Thursday.