Sports Spotlight: Jay Liggins

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Football highlights are usually dominated by the offense, but when you’re watching highlights from Dickinson State, there’s a good chance no. 23 will make a game changing play.

A big city kid, turned North Dakota football star. Jay Liggins moved to Bismarck from Memphis, Tennessee when he was in the 6th grade.

"It was a huge transition. Like when I first got off the plane here, I didn't even have any winter clothes, so it was a first stop I got here in like, January around that time, so I got here in just shorts and a button-up tee-shirt," said Liggins.

Getting a winter coat was his first order of business. Getting involved in football happened shortly after.

"I first started playing organized football when I was a 7th grader,” said Liggins. “I played my first official game when I was a 7th grader here, so I've always been a, playing through North Dakota and Bismarck High and coming through that system through Bismarck High, I always knew I wanted to go there."

After playing for the Demons for four years, he headed west to the Dickinson State Blue Hawks.

"It's been a blessing, I wouldn't change anything that I've done from coming here, from going to Bismarck, it's always been fun, I've always felt that these guys are really my family, these guys are out with me."

"He's just very athletic, very strong. And when you see him run a 40, he might not be the fastest guy on the team, but he's the fastest guy when the ball is in the air, and he just does a really good job of competing and having a really good feel, and he's a good team guy," said Pete Stanton, head coach of the Blue Hawks.

And speaking of his athleticism, his talents show when he's on the field, like one incredible interception against Presentation.

Junior Quarterback for DSU, Hayden Gibson said, "You know, the crowd was feeling it for sure. I'm surprised it didn't show up on Sports Center top 10. But yeah, definitely that was probably the loudest roar I've heard at the BAC when he made that play."

Liggins added, "Looking at it, honestly, it's a big play. So when I saw it, it was spectacular. I still can't believe I've done it, but it was a big play, I like it a lot, I still look at it, I have a picture of it."

Liggins is an All-American in both football and track for the Blue Hawks, and he plans to continue playing or get into coaching in the near future.

Liggins and the Blue Hawks will be in Orange City, Iowa on Saturday to play Northwestern in the first round of the national playoffs.