Sports Spotlight: Jakob Olson

BISMARCK, N.D. - High School football has quarterfinals in all four classes this week. For some athletes not in the post-season, it's time to think about their next sport.

This week's Sports Spotlight hopes to put that transition off for as long as possible.

In baseball, everyone pays attention to the pitcher. For football, all eyes are always on the quarterback. For Century High School, it's Jakob Olson. He play's both positions, and is used to being in the spotlight.

"He's a really nice guy. I mean, ladies crush on him, everyone knows that. He's our main leader. He keeps our head straight, he's the one who tells us to quit screwing around and, he is definitely one of the more important parts of this team to keep us successful and keeps us focused," said Kade Lynch, Century senior wide receiver

And he's keeping football, in the family. He started playing the sport when he was real young, and has kept with it.

"My dad just kind of got me into it. my dad played college football, and, it wasn't something that I was sure about. Freshman year I didn't even know, Coach Wingenbach actually asked me to come out, I wasn't actually going to come out, and I kind of just, really fell in love with the game," said Olson.

It took until high school for him to love it too. Jakob started his football journey with flag, he moved up to tackle, and somewhere by the time he was in middle school, he lost that passion for playing. That was until he started playing as a Patriot.

"Just being here, with all the success that we've had, great mentors, you know inspirations like Carson Wentz, they just give me hope to continue my dream," said Olson.

A dream that Wentz was able to live out. But while Jakob isn't sure where his dream will take him, he's sure it will involve football. Though Coach Wingenbach believes he would be a good fit on the sidelines after he's done playing.

"I think anytime you talk about Jakob Olson, you're talking about someone who should go into the coaching field because he's a general out there for us, and he's a warrior," said Wingenbach.

"He could definitely be a coach one day. Yes. I could see him, I would want my kids playing for him. I mean, he's an awesome guy, awesome coach, and he coaches a bunch of guys out on the field too so, that's just awesome having him as our quarterback," said Lynch.

For now, he'll continue being the quarterback for the Century Patriots, until the next sports season rolls around.

Olson hopes to help lead his team back to the Dakota Bowl for a 3rd-straight time and step one is Fargo Davies at the MDU Resources Community Bowl on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. CST.