Sports Spotlight: Jaden Mitzel

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Shiloh Christian football team is undefeated. One of the big reasons why is senior quarterback Jaden Mitzel.

There is no off season for Mitzel.

"I mean, it’s hard on your body a little bit, but it’s fun going from football to basketball, then baseball and track, but it's always fun having something new in front of you," Mitzel said.

Mitzel plays for the Skyhawks where he has set or tied every quarterback record at Shiloh Christian. Head Coach Funnon Barker says his ability to extend plays is one of the things that makes him elite at his position.

"I think for him the biggest part of his game is just his ability to throw on the move. That's something that's a little harder to get a quarterback in high school that can throw on the move, but he does a nice job whether it's boots, sprint outs where it’s just a scramble drill when he gets out of the pocket he keeps his eyes down field and he doesn't just look to take off running right away, and, you know, he's created a lot of big plays for us doing that," Barker said.

Mitzel's athletic talent is easy to see but it's his work ethic that turned that talent into success.

"He's a guy that everyone really respects. He works his butt off, which you got to love about him. I've grown up with him my whole life and I know that this whole team looks up to him. I know he really looks out for the best interest of everyone and just works his butt off," said Skyhawks senior Josh Lardy.

Mitzel's Shiloh legacy will be found in the record books, but his influence on the young Skyhawks will help for years to come.

"Yeah Jaden's impact on the program is really just been a model for how you need to treat yourself in the program or build yourself through the program. You know, he's been a kid who's been in the weight room from seventh grade on up. He goes to a ton of football camps in the summer. He’s just a great kid. I mean he's great in the classroom, he's great in the community, he helps with our little kids camps. He's just a tremendous kid and I'm excited to see what the future holds for him," said Barker.

Mitzel and the rest of the Skyhawks will be on the road this Friday to play the Bowman County Bulldogs.