Sports Spotlight: Jacob Svihovec

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BOWMAN COUNTY, N.D. - Jacob Svihovec is the starting quarterback for the Bowman County Bulldogs. Svihovec leads the Bulldogs in passing with 1,725 yards and rushing with 952 yards, making him the ultimate dual threat.

"I guess just seeing an opening, seeing receivers covered, and if not I'll just take it and run, if they're not I'll try to fit in there and get them a catch," said Svihovec.

"It's just so hard to game plan from a defensive perspective. Like when we prepare our defense for other teams I just wonder how on Earth other teams could possibly prepare for us because it is hard enough to just prepare for a team that's pretty decent at running the ball or pretty decent at just passing the ball. There's very few teams I think that have that dynamic like us where he can step back and he can sling it with a clean pocket or else he can take off for a 50-yard run on fourth and two it’s a huge advantage," said Mitch Stuber, senior lineman.

Stuber has played with Svihovec since grade school. He's noticed his athleticism since day one. It's Svihovec's emergence as a captain that has developed over time.

"I think one of the biggest things has been his growth over the last two years because he's gone from dealing with some injuries freshman/sophomore year and not being able to play much, and beings a pretty quiet kid, to under coach Walker. He's really grown into a great quarterback and really becoming a leader. I'd never expect such a quiet kid to become such a great leader," said Stuber.

Despite all of the yards passing and running, it's that aspect of his game the Bulldogs will miss the most.

"Leadership that he brings, you know, obviously the athletic ability, but he's got an ability to calm guys down, you know, if there's a point where you get too hyped but he brings a calming presence to the teams as well and, you know, just the character the kids brings is what I'll miss most about him," said Todd Frie, Bulldogs head football coach.

And Svihovec will hang up the Bulldogs jersey proud of the way he represented Bowman County.

"It means a lot, especially coming from a small town and then coming in my junior year picking it up the team where we really wanted to go, and it just really means a lot," said Svihovec.

The Bulldogs play the Bishop Ryan Lions at home in the quarterfinals this Saturday.