Sports Spotlight: Jack The Big Sticks Dog

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DICKINSON, N.D. - Being the family pet of the owner of a baseball team has its privileges.

Jack belongs to Dave Ouellette, but when they go a Badlands Big Sticks game, it does not take long for the owner to be overshadowed by his four-legged friend.

When Ouellette purchased the Badlands Big Sticks, the franchise inherited a brand new mascot.

"Well, I would say if I run into people and they don't see Jack they ask, 'where is Jack.' So when I'm not at the ballpark if Jack's not with me they're like, 'where's Jack, where's Jack?' So I mean, nobody cares where I'm at of course everybody wants to know where Jack is at," said Ouellette.

Jack knows his way around the ballpark. You'll see him on the infield and greeting fans. For the team, Jack's the perfect companion for a grueling summer schedule that only allows a handful of off days.

"The attention goes straight to him when he walks in, so it's fun to have something, you know, not baseball related to kind of brighten up our days. Jack, he's running around everywhere. You may step on him. You may just hear him coming and, you know, you'll see him under the bleachers, on the bleachers, you know, wherever you may run into him. So, it’s fun to have a dog around for sure," said Hayden Pewitt, Big Sticks head coach.

“Well, I mean, it just keeps us loose really, you know. You have a little dog running around just pet Jack, hangout with him. I have a dog at home so it’s cool like, you know, when I'm not at home to still have a dog around and be able to play with him," said Michael Fuhrman,Big Sticks player.

Ouellette wasn't looking for the next family pet but it turns out his daughters wish has left Dave with a permanent ballpark buddy.

"Jack was the best bad decision I've ever made in my life. It was one of those things that your daughter thought you should get this puppy, and she'll take care of it, and she'll help you, she'll do everything, whatever, and then you buckle and you say, 'ok, yeah,' because you can't say no to your daughter and turns out he's my side kick forever," said Ouellette.

Ouellette says there's been a lot of requests for Jack-inspired Big Sticks merchandise.