Sports Spotlight: Isaiah Thomas

BISMARCK, N.D. - The Century Patriots went through the West Region Hockey Tournament unbeaten, so they’re the number-one seed for state. In the semi-final game, senior Isaiah Thomas scored the first four goals against Jamestown. The next day, he scored all four goals against BHS.

Going through the motions of playing every sport, every season, every year, wasn't something Isaiah Thomas was into. He says playing sports wasn't even something his family was into. An older cousin opened up his eyes to lacing up the skates.

"No one else in my family played, just my cousin.” Thomas said. “So, I think my parents saw him playing, and they thought, 'well, let's give it a shot.' And I fell in love with it. But my cousin played baseball, hockey and football, so I just kind of followed him, and eventually hockey became my number one."

Number one, of two. Isaiah also plays baseball in the spring. "I love baseball just because it's a fun sport to play, so it's just something to keep me busy during the off season," said Thomas.

This is his final season playing hockey in high school and he is the second leading scorer in the state. Isaiah's coach says it's not unusual for Thomas to focus more on making the pass.

Troy Olson, Century Boys Hockey Coach said, “Well, Isaiah is a guy that likes to make things happen. You know, I think he'd rather set up a goal than score one, and he's definitely got a lot of energy and he's been a spark for us."

"Isaiah is a very determined person,” described Caleb Stewart. “He is a very nice, fun guy, very chill. But when he steps on the ice, he definitely knows what he wants and he definitely goes after it."

He'll be going after junior hockey after graduation in May. Isaiah says that the "ultimate goal is to play two, maybe three years of juniors, and then hopefully get a scholarship to go play college hockey somewhere. Bobcats would be cool, it would be cool to play for your hometown, might go up to Canada, I don't know, we'll see."

While he might be uncertain about where he'll end up in the future, at the moment he's got his eye on the big prize, otherwise known as the state title.

The Patriots open the state tournament tomorrow against Grafton-Park River at 12:00 p.m CT.