Sports Spotlight: I'm Possible Training

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I'm Possible Training is one of the worlds most innovative facilities for basketball players.

Over the last few years, it has been rapidly expanding across North Dakota with locations in Belcourt, Ray, Williston and two in Bismarck.

It's a new and unique way to train up and coming basketball players of all ages.

"That started when I went to the conference in Las Vegas almost four years ago. I met Mika Lancaster and a half hour into that conference I was blown away by what I didn't know about basketball and just the different perspective," said Mark Kinnebrew, I.P.T. owner.

In these workouts, trainees wont be running plays or passing to teammates. These exercises get players back to developing basic techniques to help them succeed in the future.

"It's skills training. So skills training is something that really hasn't been heard of a whole lot, so we get very detailed in a lot of stuff we do giving kids different skills and abilities. We have a checklist we go by, so it's over 600 skills and abilities and we really just get very detailed in what kids are doing just have a different look on training as a whole," said Kinndbrew.

In most basketball training regiments, a player's shot and release is priority. That's not the case at IPT.

"I would say there's probably 90 percent of what we do has nothing to do with shooting. We get into a lot of footwork a lot of coordination, ball handling. We get so detailed in body position and what players are doing with their feet and being able to control their feet so we don't focus on shooting a whole lot at all," said Kinnebrew.

In the last four years with IPT, Kinnebrew has met and trained with some of the NBA's top talent and he hopes one day they'll come to North Dakota.

"Trying to get them here is a little difficult. It is North Dakota, but I would love to have some of those guys come work with us and show what they've been doing this training for X amount of time and get the kids more involved in it," said Kinnebrew.