Sports Spotlight: Ian Schafer

BISMARCK, N.D. - The West Region basketball tournament is about two weeks away, and the Bismarck Demons boys basketball team has two games left in its regular season.

BHS senior Ian Schafer is one of those kids that you can tell that basketball will be in his future. As he said, "Basketball 24/7, my mom will tell you that."

It's no surprise that playing ball runs in the Schafer family. Ian, his brother, and his father all spent their days shootin' hoops.

"Since 3rd grade is when I really started playing, like competitively. But I mean, ever since I can remember, I've been playing basketball,” Schafer said. And this is his third year playing varsity. While he can be easily described as a core leader to this Demon program, basketball isn't the only thing he dipped his toes into.

"Well this was actually my first year playing football. So, I've always wanted to do it, and coaches have always been after me. So I just tried it this year, and had a great time, and contributed to the team. And I do track in the spring, and that just helps me stay in shape for basketball."

Back on the court is where he's always wanted to be. "He's a fun guy to be around, you know he's one of my best friends,” said Tanner Davis, BHS senior . “We've been playing together, I mean, these four years here, and it's just been awesome. Me and him are, you know, we click so well together."

Kaide Gimbell, BHS senior, added, "he can be pretty hard sometimes, but he's a jokester. He likes to have some fun, he likes to joke around with the coaches and the players all the time."

He also holds all the qualities it takes to be a coach someday. "Ian, he absolutely, if he were to decide to be a coach, he would be a good one because he's, I'm telling you, his knowledge of the game is very high." said Jordan Wilhelm, Demons head coach.

That's right coaching. After Ian graduates, he'll attend Concordia Moorhead and plans on majoring in History. Ian said, "I'm hoping to get a minor in coaching, and everyone's told me, wow, you'd be a great coach, you're good with little kids, and I've always said, 'yeah, I think I'd be a pretty good coach.'"

While he'll be playing college ball as a Cobber, he hopes to be coaching high school hoops not too long after that. Schafer and the Demons are back on the court on Saturday when they host Belcourt.